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Blade And Soul Suggestion: Class & Race change vouchers. I would like to suggest a class & race change voucher to be sold in the IM for about the same price as a character slot voucher is. Class Voucher. This voucher would allow players to change their class 1 time per voucher used. Players can only change to the class available to their race.

Unlock blade and soul treasure chests for amazing… Next: blade and soul Dash, Sprint and Glide Skills.By unlocking additional slots you’ll increase your chances at items, and since you can only buy one item per opened chest, it’s a good idea to increase your odds by unlocking additional slots early on. making money in blade and soul bns soul slot | Forum Cheap Blade And Soul Gold We earn a complaint with the Internet and online Killzone Boards Association. US time trial to take us through the meeting, and we can meet the increasing user releases the same time. 'Killzone 3' has changed the pattern of transmission control Sony devices original... [CN] Blade and Soul Free Level 55 Voucher! BLADE AND SOUL CN Server~ How to redeem the level 55 Voucher for Gunner class; there are a few requirements; however most are quite simple! 1. Have a QQ account (duh) 2. Have a level 1 character [I would make it on the server that you are planning to play on just to be safe]. Marketplace - Official Blade & Soul Wiki

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Tera. Blade and Soul. Both a extremely pretty, both offer cosmetic options for characters (in gameBlade and Soul is Martial Arts base Fantasy where the only equipment you change is weaponTera offers a standard MMO equipment slots, boots, gloves etc... but there are a few other things that... Blade&Soul: Инвентарь и склад

additional Character Slot Voucher with an approximate retail value (“ARV”) of $5.00; and (d) an Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm that the player can use with a Level 50 character in Blade & Soul with an approximate retail value (“ARV”) of $3.13 (collectively, the “Prize”).

Beginner's Guide: 10 Tips for Blade & Soul - GameRevolution Blade & Soul can be tricky to master, so make sure that black belt isn't just for show with this starting guide. Blade and Soul NA/EU: Spring Treasure Trove Event will update this post with a example of the current Blade and Soul ... Only two Treasure Trove item slots ... Treasure Chest Slot Expansion Voucher: Wardrobe - Official Blade & Soul Wiki Blade & Soul is now live! You can download it for free here and ... The Wardrobe is a storage-based system that is exclusive to players who have purchased a Premium ...

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Blade & Soul on Twitter: "Get a free character slot Sep 06, 2017 · Blade & Soul Verified account @bladeandsoul. ESRB Rating: MATURE with Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol. Get a free character slot voucher, the Dead Reckoning set, and 10 Excellent XP Charms: ... Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup. Blade & Soul

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Blade and Soul Warlock und Soul Fighter Bald kommt die Neuen ... Blade and Soul Warlock und Soul Fighter Bald kommt die Neuen Klassen ... I would like to suggest a class & race change voucher to be sold in the IM for about the same ...