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Icy Tears -ROTG BlackIce original fanfic “Black ice…so Jack is the one behind all of this.” A small whine sounded from the distance. Pitch snapped his head up at the familiar sound and quickly shifted into shadows once more, reappearing at the top of a tree, looking down at the small battle that took place. Below Jack Frost shot a bolt of ice towards one of his missing nightmares. Pitch x Frost // Dark in my Imagination [Black Ice] - YouTube The song is Dark in my Imagination by of Verona (http://ofVerona.com)

Jack Frost has been alone for 300 years with no one to turn to, and desperate times call for desperate measures. When the malevolent spirit Pitch Black shows an interest in Jack's existence, he is faced with a choice-continue living in solitude, or allow himself to be the Boogeyman's charge. Canon divergent AU, set before the movie.

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Video: Jack Frost and Pitch Black Antarctica Scene

Jack’s pov: “Well well well, look who we have here.” A dark voice says, pitch black sand covering North’s globe, Pitch Black appearing on top of the globe “Pitch!” I seethe, glaring at the tall, lanky man before me, my grip tightening on my staff with my barley-contained fury “My, my what an honor.”

The end of Rotg movie, Jack follows after the nightmares and converses with Pitch where they slowly fall in love. Unbeta'ed let me know now what you all think. This is my first fanfic so criticism is welcome! Light smut so if you don't like even a hint of Boy x Boy TURN AWAY NOW! One-shot but may do this from Pitches view not sure yet.

Starring: Rick Coates, Jim Frost, Fred Halsted, Joseph Yale in L.A. Plays Itself.

Sep 9, 2012 ... Midnight the Black Fox: Yeah, I tried making the Titanic one realistic. Jack ... Jack Winter Frost: Yeah, well, my Muse had been overactive the last couple weeks. Now, is it ... Warning: Spanking in this chapter, don't like don't read ... This meant that Pitch wasn't tormenting them, that they were safe, for now.

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